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The Framework Of A Christian State, An Introduction to Social Science, by Rev. E. Cahill. S.J.

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    The Framework Of A Christian State, An Introduction to Social Science, by Rev. E. Cahill. S.J.

    The Framework Of A Christian State discusses the real social teachings of the Church, developed over centuries by a long line of popes, saints and approved Catholic thinkers, are quite different from modern liberalism. This monumental volume, once a standard reference, covers the range of those teachings, their basis in Catholic doctrine, and how they apply to modern society. A sampling:

    Which form of government is closest to the Catholic ideal
    The family as “prior” to the state: a fundamental.
    Principles of just taxation. When taxes are unjust. How citizens may respond
    The benefits — yes — of social inequality
    Private ownership: not just permissible, but necessary to social peace and welfare.
    Why state monopoly of education is among the worst modern evils
    The function of parents in education. The importance of home training.
    Letter to Catholic educators from Pius XI, on sex education and co-education
    The rights and responsibilities of labor unions. When strikes are permissible
    The Golden Age of Christian civilization: not perfect, but it can teach moderns
    The duties and rights of employers and employed. Catholic view of a just wage
    Four basic types of states—only one the ideal for Catholics
    Nine principles for a just democracy
    Communism, socialism, Freemasonry: Histories & critiques

    The Framework Of A Christian State features a detailed Table of Contents and 25-page index speed you to sound Catholic answers to more than 2000 questions Footnotes point you to hundreds of Church documents, primary sources and important references.

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