The Reactionary Mind – Why ‘Conservative’ Isn’t Enough

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    The Reactionary Mind – Why ‘Conservative’ Isn’t Enough

    by Michael Warren Davis

    Book Description:  America Needs Reactionaries!

    Never have the American people been lonelier, unhappier, or more in need of a swift reactionary kick in the pants.

    There is a better way to live—a way tested by history, a way that fulfills the deepest needs of the human spirit, and a way that promotes the pursuit of true happiness.

    That way is the reactionary way. In this irrepressibly provocative book, Michael Warren Davis shows you how to unleash your inner reactionary and enjoy life as God intended it.

    In The Reactionary Mind, you’ll learn:

    • Why medieval serfs were probably happier than you are
    • Why we should look back fondly on the Inquisition
    • Why all “news” is fake news
    • How “conservatives” become “adagio progressives”

    You also get bonus lists of Reactionary Drinks, Reactionary Books—even Reactionary Dogs.

    If you want to be happy, you need to be a reactionary, and this book is your guide. It belongs on the bookshelf of everyone in America. (And, incidentally, a reactionary would build his own darn bookshelf, not buy one from IKEA!

    About The Author: Michael Warren Davis, a New England “Swamp Yankee” and a former editor of Crisis, the Catholic Herald, and Quadrant, has written for The Spectator, the American Conservative, the Washington Examiner, and many other publications. A once and future farmer, he lives with his family in New Hampshire and blogs at

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