Biological Chemical Expose
“They Tested Them On Us” The Reverse Deception Biological-Chemical Expose – Complete Series

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    “They Tested Them On Us” The Reverse Deception Biological-Chemical Expose – Complete Series

    Does The Covid-19, coronavirus have you panicked?  While the mild conditions the healthy will experience even IF they contract it shouldn’t panic you, the fact that the ChiCom government created this as a weapon should horrify you and after you listen to this blockbuster, 5 part series from Gregory Carpenter’s Reverse Deception Radio, you can add angry to your AND horrified to your emotions because the American Government has done the same thing for over 100 years.

    FREE: Episode 1 of 4 of “They Tested Them on Us”

    FINALLY: The Truth About ‘Muricah’s Chemical Weapons

    Mandeville, LA – “They Tested Them On Us” is a BLOCKBUSTER series from Reverse Deception’s Gregory Carpenter! This 4 part series is the most complete exploration of the development and use of biological and chemical weapons ever made. You will learn who made these “weapons of mass destruction” (it wasn’t Saddam Hussein), the shocking reason why they made them and most horrifically, how they tested their effectiveness on American citizens. You will never think the same of the Military Industrial Complex after listening to They Tested Them On US!

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