Vatican Christmas Cookbook

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    Vatican Christmas Cookbook (hardback)

    by David Geisser

    The Vatican Christmas Cookbook, eagerly-awaited sequel to the acclaimed #1 bestseller, The Vatican Cookbook, has been released just in time for what is sure to be a most memorable holiday season.

    “Swiss Guard Chef” David Geisser offers more than 70 new recipes, some from his days in the Guard, many new versions of Christmas classics, and more fresh innovations from this award-winning leader of the new wave of European chefs.

    Thomas Kelly provides the rich history and lore of Christmas at the Vatican and around the world, with inspiring stories of the popes at Christmas, the Three Wise Men, and the First Christmas, all surrounded by magnificent art and photography.

    This book earns a place in the kitchen as a handy reference for an assortment of mouthwatering holiday recipes, and on display on the coffee table for all to enjoy.

    For those who love Christmas, cooking, fine art, and the storied history of the Vatican and the Swiss Guard, this is a perfect gift.

    Book Reviews:

    The Vatican Christmas Cookbook is a wonderful cookbook full of gourmet meal ideas which will please many foodies. It is also a lush coffee table book full of stunning photos as well as the history of the Swiss Guard’s role as protectors of the Popes. Author and chef David Geisser teams up with author Thomas Kelly to combine their respected talents to produce not only a cookbook, but a work of “book art.” Thanks to the photography of Roy Matter, the book is a visual delight. The decided European flare makes this book a sophisticated blend of easy-to-read recipes, historic traditions (arranged in order from Advent to the Epiphany), Bible passages, and even a section about Christmas with the Popes. The Christmas cookie recipes and cheese fondue section pleased me the most. Christmas is the ultimate season of faith, family and food. The Vatican Christmas Cookbook helps celebrate the joyous season dedicated to the birth of Jesus. – Anonymous 


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