Here you will find items from the Mike Church universe not available anywhere else like original, animation artwork from “The Spirit of ’76″; autographed copies of scripts used in production of Mike’s features and much more.

Fame of Our Fathers LE Signed, Numbered 3 CD Collectors Set

$100.95 $100.95

Spirit of 76 -Xth Edition-Limited Edition of 76 Copies

$76.00 $76.00
Sale!13% Cigar Travel HumidorCigar Travel Humidor

Mike Church Autographed Travel Humidor Cigar Special!

$69.95 $79.95 $69.95

John Taylor of Caroline – America Statesman (hardback limited edition)

Sale!17% Cigar Refill

Mike Church’s Travel Humidor 5 Pack Refill – Cigars Only!

$49.95 $59.95 $49.95
Brand new poster artwork from Mike Church for the Tenth Printing of So76!Spirit_of_76_X_Edition_Poster_THUMB

Spirit of ’76 Xth Edition Marquee Poster

Glory Bee Coffee Scoops Saint DrogoGlory Bee Coffee Scoops Saint Drogo

Saint Drogo Wooden Coffee Scoop


FFFilms Signature Series Bookmarks – The Washington

$8.95 $8.95

FFFilms Signature Series Bookmarks – The Jefferson

$8.95 $8.95

FFFilms Signature Series Bookmarks – The Henry

$8.95 $8.95
Sale! Death Chefs Dickies ShirtDeath Chefs Dickies Shirt

Pork Wars – Death Chefs Dickies Work Shirt Exclusive

$5.00 $44.95